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Hard Back

Hard Back

Super Born book in hard back format

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“A world where women have super powers and all the men her age seemed like children, it didn’t sound so farfetched to me.  In fact, I felt the world was always that way.” thought the B.I.B. as she contemplated the changes in her life.

The 33 year old average single mom in Scranton Pennsylvania suddenly finds her life turned complex; a unique combination of dream like amazement and nightmarish dangers. Her simple “real”  life of raising her daughter and making ends meet, suddenly needs to co-exist with her rapidly changing life of fascinating powers; freedoms that liberate her from the concerns of Man. To be “real” and to have super powers causes a Clash, a conflict within herself,   leaving her to wonder who she is.  She’s definitely not a kid’s Super Hero, she’s a real woman with real life concerns and desires.

Her home town fell victim to tragic Cold War performance enhancing experimentation, the results of which made women of her generation to develop super abilities and the men much lower than normal abilities.  A brilliant Professor Pin points the time the strongest Super Born would have been born and enlists the aid of a quirky Journalist to aid in their discovery.

Meanwhile, others have taken note of her as well. As she begins to use her powers, others learn of her existence.  They search for her, hoping to use her strength.

She can tell no one, must hide from everyone.  Even her 16 year old daughter, her sister’s and family, can’t learn of her new life, her new being.

Alone she must figure out her course over the untread ground on which she now walks. What is right and what is wrong when none of man’s rules apply to you?  Who to trust when no one is like you?  Are her powers a burden or an opening door to a new level of being, a new level of romance?

The story follows the course of her search for herself and the narrator’s search for her.  It centers on the choices we make and how easily life can sway us from our course.  It asks the question what you would do if anything were suddenly possible.